Spiiker Smart English 1















Unit 1 Greetings 问候

Lesson 1 Hi, Judy! 朱迪,你好!

Lesson 2 What's Your Name? 你叫什么名字?

Lesson 3 Shaking Hands 握手

Lesson 4 See You Later! 回头见!

Unit 2 Introducing People 介绍他人

Lesson 5 Are you Mary Jones? 你是琼斯女士吗?

Lesson 6 This is My friend, Jack. 这是我的朋友,杰克。

Lesson 7 Please Meet David. 请认识下大卫。

Lesson 8 She's Over There. 她就在那。

Unit 3 Different Things 不同物品

Lesson 9 My Things 我的物品

Lesson 10 They're Sunglasses. 它们是太阳眼镜。

Lesson 11 Where Is My Key? 我的钥匙在哪里?

Lesson 12 Where Are Her Books? 她的书在哪里?

Unit 4 I'm from China. 我来自中国。

Lesson 13 Where Are You from? 你来自哪里?

Lesson 14 Is She from Canada? 她来自加拿大吗?

Lesson 15 We're Chinese. 我们是中国人。

Lesson 16 I Speak English. 我说英语。

Unit 5 Numbers Around Me 身边的数字

Lesson 17 Two Apples, Please. 请给我两个苹果。

Lesson 18 What's Your Phone Number? 你的电话是多少?

Lesson 19 How Old Are You? 你多大了?

Lesson 20 I Have Many Friends. 我有很多朋友。

Unit 6 Talking about Family 谈论家庭

Lesson 21 Who Is He? 他是谁?

Lesson 22 A Photograph of My Aunt and Me 关于我和阿姨的照片

Lesson 23 I Live with My Parents. 我和父母住在一起。

Lesson 24 My Brother Works Downtown. 我的哥哥在市中心工作。

Unit 7 Different Descriptions不同的描述

Lesson 25 I'm Tall. 我很高。

Lesson 26 Tell Me About… 告诉我关于……

Lesson 27 What's He Like? 他这个人怎么样?

Lesson 28 Is the Bike Expensive? 这个自行车贵吗?

Unit 8 Everyday Activities 日常活动

Lesson 29 I'm Working. 我在工作。

Lesson 30 Karen's Eating in the Office. 凯伦正在办公室吃东西。

Lesson 31 Are You Busy? 你很忙吗?

Lesson 32 Activities for a Day 一天的活动

Unit 9 Different Feelings 不同的感受

Lesson 33 Are You Happy? 你开心吗?

Lesson 34 Why Are You Smiling? 你为什么微笑?

Lesson 35 What Do you Do When You're…? 当你……的时候你会做什么?

Lesson 36 I Feel Tired. 我感到很累。

Unit 10 Clothing and Colors 服装和颜色

Lesson 37 I'm Wearing Shorts and T-shirt. 我穿着短裤和体恤衫。

Lesson 38 My Blouse is Blue. 我的裙子是蓝色的。

Lesson 39 These Earrings Are Hers. 这些耳环是她的。

Lesson 40 I'm Looking for a Jacket. 我正在找一件夹克衫。

Unit 11 Weather and Seasons 天气和季节

Lesson 41 How's the Weather Today? 天气怎么样?

Lesson 42 What's the Weather Like in April? 四月的天气怎么样?

Lesson 43 It's Spring in Brazil! 巴西是春天!

Lesson 44 The Weather Is Terrible Here! 这里的天气很糟糕!

Unit 12 Houses and Apartments 房子和公寓

Lesson 45 Do you Live in an Apartment? 你在公寓里住吗?

Lesson 46 I Live on the First Floor. 我住在一楼。

Lesson 47 My Furniture 我的家具

Lesson 48 There's a Bed in the Bedroom. 卧室里有一张床。

Unit 13 Vegetables and Fruit 蔬菜和水果

Lesson 49 I Like Eating Carrot. 我喜欢吃胡萝卜。

Lesson 50 He Likes to Eat Banana. 他喜欢吃香蕉。

Lesson 51 Can You Make Salad? 你可以做沙拉吗?

Lesson 52 Jenny's on a Diet. 珍妮在节食。

Unit 14 Sports and Abilities 运动和能力

Lesson 53 What Sports Do You Play? 你玩什么运动?

Lesson 54 I Play Tennis Every Weekend. 我每个周末打网球。

Lesson 55 Philip Can Sing. 菲利普会唱歌。

Lesson 56 She Can't Cook at All. 她一点也不会做饭。

Unit 15 Transportation 交通

Lesson 57 I Ride My Bike to Work. 我骑自行车去上班。

Lesson 58 John Lives Far from Here. 约翰住得离这很远。

Lesson 59 How Far Is It from...to...? 从……到……有多远?

Lesson 60 I Like Taking the Bus. 我喜欢坐公共汽车。