Spiiker Smart English 2















Unit 1 Meet Each Other 认识彼此

Lesson 1 Everyone Calls Me Lisa. 大家都叫我丽萨。

Lesson 2 Self-introduction 自我介绍

Lesson 3 Long Time No See. 好久不见。

Lesson 4 Greetings from Around the World 来自世界各地的问候

Lesson 5 Stay in Touch. 保持联系。

Unit 2 Body and Health 身体和健康

Lesson 6 Point to Your Neck. 指向你的脖子。

Lesson 7 What's the Matter? 怎么了?

Lesson 8 How Do You Feel? 你感觉怎么样?

Lesson 9 Let's Take a Look. 我们来检查下。

Lesson 10 That's Great Advice! 那真是不错的建议!

Unit 3 Jobs and Workplaces 工作和工作场所

Lesson 11 What Do You Do? 你是做什么的?

Lesson 12 She Works in a Hotel. 她在旅馆工作。

Lesson 13 I Have a Great Job. 我有一份不错的工作。

Lesson 14 Do You Want to …? 你想……吗?

Lesson 15 How to Find a Job? 如何找一份工作?

Unit 4 What We Eat and Drink 我们的饮食

Lesson 16 I Like Tomatoes. 我喜欢西红柿。

Lesson 17 Do You Need Any Eggs? 你需要一些鸡蛋吗?

Lesson 18 What Do You Have for Breakfast? 你早餐吃什么?

Lesson 19 I Usually Have Bread. 我通常吃面包。

Lesson 20 Nutrition of Food 食物营养

Unit 5 Daily Routine 日常生活

Lesson 21 Do You Get up Early? 你起床早吗?

Lesson 22 What Time Do You Get up? 你几点起床?

Lesson 23 Susan's Schedule 苏珊的时间安排

Lesson 24 Time for a Rest. 休息时间到了。

Lesson 25 Daily Chores 日常琐事

Unit 6 I Have Plans. 我有安排。

Lesson 26 When's Your Birthday? 你的生日是什么时候?

Lesson 27 I Want to Watch a Concert Tonight! 我今晚想去看音乐会!

Lesson 28 They're Going to Dancing. 他们打算去跳舞。

Lesson 29 Celebrating Holidays and Festivals 庆祝节假日

Lesson 30 My Evening Plans 我的晚间计划

Unit 7 Buying Things 买东西

Lesson 31 I Want to Buy a Necktie. 我想买一条领带。

Lesson 32 They Are Expensive. 它们很贵。

Lesson 33 May I Help You? 要我帮忙吗?

Lesson 34 I Prefer the Cotton One. 我喜欢棉质的那个。

Lesson 35 My Shopping List. 我的购物清单。

Unit 8 My Modern Family 我的摩登家庭

Lesson 36 They Are My Family Members. 他们是我的家人。

Lesson 37 We Are Family. 我们是一家人。

Lesson 38 What an Interesting Family! 多么有趣的一家!

Lesson 39 I Live in a Nuclear Family. 我住在一个小家庭里。

Lesson 40 Judy's Modern Family 朱迪的摩登家庭

Unit 9 Talking about Animals 谈论动物

Lesson 41 I‘d Like to Raise a Cat. 我想养一只猫。

Lesson 42 Family Pets 家庭宠物

Lesson 43 Protecting Wild Animals 保护野生动物

Lesson 44 Can Animals Talk? 动物会说话吗?

Lesson 45 Animals Are Our Friends. 动物是我们的朋友。

Unit 10 Places Around Town 城里的不同地方

Lesson 46 Where Can You Get Bread? 你从哪可以买到面包?

Lesson 47 You Can't Miss It. 你不要错过它!

Lesson 48 There's a Clinic on the Rainbow Street. 在彩虹大街上有一间诊所。

Lesson 49 Is It Far from Here? 它离这远吗?

Lesson 50 What's in Your Neighborhood? 你的社区里有什么?

Unit 11 Great Days 重大的日子

Lesson 51 Tomorrow Is a Special Day. 明天是一个特殊的日子。

Lesson 52 I Can Start Work on August 20. 我可以在8月20日开始上班。

Lesson 53 What a Great Day! 多么美好的一天!

Lesson 54 How About December 16? 12月16日怎么样?

Lesson 55 It's Father's Day. 今天是父亲节。

Unit 12 Places and Years 地点和年份

Lesson 56 Where Was She Born? 她在哪出生?

Lesson 57 I Was Born In China. 我在中国出生。

Lesson 58 Chuck Grows up in Los Angeles. 查克在洛杉矶长大。

Lesson 59 First Day of Work 上班第一天

Lesson 60 Life Events 生活事件