Spiiker Smart English 3















Unit 1 You and Me 我和你

Lesson 1 New Friends 新朋友

Lesson 2 How Have You Been? 你最近怎么样?

Lesson 3 My Neighborhoods 我的邻居

Lesson 4 Talents 不同才能

Lesson 5 Our Pets 我们的宠物

Unit 2 Different Jobs 不同工作

Lesson 6 Popular Jobs 受欢迎的工作

Lesson 7 I'm a Designer. 我是一名设计。

Lesson 8 Where Do You Work? 你在哪工作?

Lesson 9 What's Your Day Like? 你的一天怎么样?

Lesson 10 Linda Needs a Job. 琳达需要一份工作。

Unit 3 Leisure Time 闲暇时光

Lesson 11 The Music World 音乐世界

Lesson 12 TV Programs 电视节目

Lesson 13 Movies Zone 电影地带

Lesson 14 Happy Friday Night 愉快的周五夜晚

Lesson 15 Various Leisure Activities 多样的休闲活动

Unit 4 Doing Exercises 做运动

Lesson 16 Top Ten Most Popular Sports 最受欢迎的10项运动

Lesson 17 Do You Often Exercise? 你经常做运动吗?

Lesson 18 Evening Exercises 晚间运动

Lesson 19 I'm Crazy for Sports. 我对运动很着迷。

Lesson 20 To Know More About Your Health 了解你的健康

Unit 5 Work and Lifestyles工作和生活方式

Lesson 21 Daily Chores 日常杂务

Lesson 22 Daily Work for Different People 工作大不同

Lesson 23 Workaholic 工作狂

Lesson 24 Living in a Farm 住在农场

Lesson 25 Beauty Rest 美容觉

Unit 6 Schedule and Plan 计划和安排

Lesson 26 What Are You Going to Do Tomorrow? 你明天打算做什么?

Lesson 27 Relaxing Plan 放松计划

Lesson 28 When Are You Going to...? 你什么时候打算……?

Lesson 29 What's the Forecast? 天气预报怎么说?

Lesson 30 Holiday Plan 假期计划

Unit 7 My Neighborhood 我的邻里

Lesson 31 To know More About My Comm Unity 了解我的邻里

Lesson 32 Jonny's Neighborhood 乔尼的邻居

Lesson 33 We Need Some Directions. 我们需要一些指示。

Lesson 34 Meeting a New Neighbor 认识新邻居

Lesson 35 Just in One Neighborhood 共处同社区

Unit 8 Appearance and Features 外貌和特征

Lesson 36 She's Fairly Tall. 她很高。

Lesson 37 Brian's Good-looking. 布莱恩长得不错。

Lesson 38 He's the One Wearing a Green Shirt. 他是那个穿着绿衬衫的人。

Lesson 39 Getting a Makeover 改变形象

Lesson 40 Interesting Facts About Fashion 关于时尚的有趣事实

Unit 9 My Experiences 我的经历

Lesson 41 Fun Things to Do Around the World 环球趣事

Lesson 42 I‘ve Had It Several Times. 我试过几次了。

Lesson 43 I Tried a New Restaurant Last Week. 我上周去了一家新餐馆。

Lesson 44 She Lived in New York for Two Years. 她在纽约住了两年了。

Lesson 45 Working Overtime 加班

Unit 10 Cities and Countries 国家和城市

Lesson 46 It's a Beautiful Place! 它是一个美丽的地方!

Lesson 47 What's Shanghai Like? 上海怎么样?

Lesson 48 My Hometown 我的家乡

Lesson 49 What Can I Do There? 我在那里可以做什么?

Lesson 50 To Know More about Fantastic Cities 了解更多不错的城市

Unit 11 Your Health 你的健康

Lesson 51 Yoga Class 瑜伽课

Lesson 52 I Really Feel Awful. 我感到很糟糕。

Lesson 53 In a Drugstore在一个药店里

Lesson 54 I Suggest You Try Some… 我建议你试试……

Lesson 55 How to Stay Healthy? 如何保持健康?

Unit 12 Food and Restaurants 食物和餐馆

Lesson 56 Popular foods 受欢迎的食物

Lesson 57 I am a Sweet Tooth. 我爱吃甜食。

Lesson 58 Ordering a Meal 点餐

Lesson 59 Good Tips for Good Service 给小费

Lesson 60 Famous Chefs 著名的厨师