Spiiker Smart English 4















Unit 1 To Know Others 了解他人

Lesson 1 Can We Be Friends? 我们可以做朋友吗?

Lesson 2 Where Did You Learn It? 你在哪学习的?

Lesson 3 Li Wang is an Immigrant. 王丽是一名移民。

Lesson 4 Tell Me About Yourself. 告诉我关于你的事。

Lesson 5 I Used to Be Very Messy. 我过去常常很邋遢。

Unit 2 Talking About Traffic 谈论交通

Lesson 6 How Do You Get Around the City? 你如何在城市里出行?

Lesson 7 There Is Too Much Traffic! 交通太拥挤了!

Lesson 8 Effective Solutions 有效的解决方法

Lesson 9 Could you tell me ...? 你可以告诉我……?

Lesson 10 I Prefer to Choose Solowheel. 我更喜欢选择Solowheel。

Unit 3 Life and Housing 生活和住房

Lesson 11 It’s Very Dark and a Little Cramped. 它光线很暗并且很狭窄。

Lesson 12 Apartments Are too Small for Pets. 公寓对与宠物来说太小了。

Lesson 13 I Sometimes Stay in a Capsule Hotel. 我有时住在胶囊旅馆里。

Lesson 14 I Wish I Had My Own Apartment. 我希望我有我自己的公寓。

Lesson 15 Advice for Bad Habits 针对坏习惯的建议

Unit 4 Worldwide Food 世界各地的食物

Lesson 16 It’s Made with Green Chilies. 它是由青椒制成的。

Lesson 17 It Sounds Awful! 它听起来真可怕!

Lesson 18 How Do You Cook Them? 你如何烹饪它们?

Lesson 19 Steps of Cooking a Dish 做菜的步骤

Lesson 20 Make Snacks by Yourself! 自己做零食!

Unit 5 Tours Around World 世界旅行

Lesson 21 What Are You Going to Do on Vacation? 你假期打算做什么?

Lesson 22 Luggage Packing打包行李

Lesson 23 Advice for Travel 旅行建议

Lesson 24 Shopping for Souvenirs 购买纪念品

Lesson 25 How to Backpack Successfully? 如何成功地背包旅行?

Unit 6 Things in My Life生活锁事丰富人生

Lesson 26 Interesting Complaints of Families with Teens 家有少年趣事多

Lesson 27 Turn Down the TV! 把电视声关小一些!

Lesson 28 Let’s Know Others’ Family Life! 一起去了解不同的家庭!

Lesson 29 Would You Mind…? 你介意……吗?

Lesson 30 Do You Know Your Neighbors? 你了解你的邻居吗?

Unit 7 Things Around Us你我的身边事

Lesson 31 Important Inventions for Everyday life 日常生活中的重要发明

Lesson 32 What Do You Know About This Technology? 你对这项发明了解多少?

Lesson 33 The Magic World of Computer 电脑的神奇世界

Lesson 34 Try not to Get too Excited.不要太过兴奋。

Lesson 35 Life in the Future 未来的生活

Unit 8 Wonderful Days 美妙的日子

Lesson 36 To Know More Festivals 了解更多的节日

Lesson 37 Special Days 特殊的日子

Lesson 38 Carnaval in Rio Is Really Something! 里约的嘉年华真的不错!

Lesson 39 Wedding Day 婚礼

Lesson 40 Unique Customs in Different Countries 不同国家的独特习俗

Unit 9 Changing Days 改变着的每一天

Lesson 41 Changing Developments 时代变化

Lesson 42 This Neighborhood Has Changed! 这个社区发生了变化!

Lesson 43 It’s Much Greener! 它更绿色环保了!

Lesson 44 If I Get a High-paying Job… 如果我有一份高薪的工作……

Lesson 45 Crush or Falling in Love? 是暗恋还是坠入情网?

Unit 10 Occupations and Career 职业和事业

Lesson 46 Employees Should Be Good at… 员工应该擅长……

Lesson 47 I’m Not Good at Selling. 我不擅长销售。

Lesson 48 Finding a Job 找工作

Lesson 49 My Job Profile 我的工作简介

Lesson 50 Personality and Jobs 性格和工作

Unit 11 Remarkable Places 举世瞩目之地

Lesson 51 When Did It Build? 它什么时候建立的?

Lesson 52 How Much Do You Know It? 你对此了解多少?

Lesson 53 Do You Know Any Ancient Monuments? 你知道一些古迹吗?

Lesson 54 I Need Some Information. 我需要了解一些信息。

Lesson 55 Let’s Know Some Unusual Museums.了解那些特别的博物馆。

Unit 12 Our Wonderful Life 我们的美好生活

Lesson 56 What Have You Been Doing? 你一直在做什么?

Lesson 57 I Hear It’s Really Exciting! 我听说它非常不错!

Lesson 58 It’s a Movie That… 它是……的一部电影。

Lesson 59 Have You Met Kavi? 你见到格维了吗?

Lesson 60 If I Found $1,000,000, … 如果我发现100万美元,……