Spiiker Smart English 6















Unit 1 Services and Suggestions 服务和建议

Lesson 1 Different Kinds of Services in Our Society 社会中的不同服务

Lesson 2 What Services Do You Need? 你需要什么服务呢?

Lesson 3 Is This Service Available Here? 这里提供此服务吗?

Lesson 4 I Really Need a Date! 我真的需要一次约会!

Lesson 5 All You Have to Do is… 你必须要做的就是……

Lesson 6 How to Improve Your Memory? 如何提高你的记忆力呢?

Unit 2 History and Future 历史和未来

Lesson 7 Let’s Know More Fads in 2010s. 让我们了解下2010年代的时尚狂潮。

Lesson 8 You Are an Expert at History.你是历史专家。

Lesson 9 This Event Made a Difference. 这件事不同凡响。

Lesson 10 What Will the Future Hold? 未来将会怎么样?

Lesson 11 Things Will Be Different! 一切都会不同!

Lesson 12 We Are in the Global Village! 我们身处地球村!

Unit 3 Life Events 人生大事件

Lesson 13 Important Moments in My Life 人生的重要时刻

Lesson 14 What Made You Change? 什么改变了你?

Lesson 15 How Did It Affect Me! 它是如何影响我的!

Lesson 16 I Should’ve Studied Hard! 我本应该好好学习的!

Lesson 17 Why Does She Regret It? 她为什么会后悔?

Lesson 18 If I Could Do It Again! 如果再来一遍!

Unit 4 Talking About Success 浅谈成功

Lesson 19 Are They Successful Business? 它们是颇有成就的企业吗?

Lesson 20 What Makes It Successful? 什么使之如此成功?

Lesson 21 What Qualities Do I Need? 我需要什么特质?

Lesson 22 They Have Fabulous Music! 他们的音乐太棒了!

Lesson 23 What’s Your Slogan? 你的口号是什么?

Lesson 24 Market Research Is Important! 市场调查很重要!

Unit 5 Possibility and Advice 可能性和建议

Lesson 25 These Habits Really Get Me Peeved! 这些习惯真的让我抓狂!

Lesson 26 What Has Happened to Amy? 艾米发生了什么事?

Lesson 27 Giving Your Opinions About Facts. 说说你对这些事实的看法。

Lesson 28 She’s Driving Me Crazy! 她快把我逼疯了!

Lesson 29 What Should They Have Done? 他们本应该做什么?

Lesson 30 What Are “Blue Lights”? 什么是“蓝光”呢?

Unit 6 Movies and Programs 电影和节目

Lesson 31 Let’s Get to Know Movies. 让我们了解下电影。

Lesson 32 Movies Are Hard Work! 电影来之不易!

Lesson 33 What Does A Producer Do? 制片人是做什么的?

Lesson 34 Step by Step 脚踏实地

Lesson 35 Can You Guess the Occupations? 你可以猜猜这些职业吗?

Lesson 36 Hooray for Bollywood! 为宝莱坞欢呼!

Unit 7 Laws and Social Issues 法律和社会问题

Lesson 37 It’s Against the Law… 这违反了法律……

Lesson 38 Community Meeting Notes 社区会议注意事项

Lesson 39 What Solutions Do They Suggest? 他们会给出什么解决方法呢?

Lesson 40 It Isn’t Cheap, Is It? 这很便宜,不是吗?

Lesson 41 Do You Agree with It? 你同意吗?

Lesson 42 How Serious Is Plagiarism? 抄袭有多严重?

Unit 8 Challenges and Rewards 挑战和奖励

Lesson 43 People Who Made a Difference 这些人士的杰出事迹

Lesson 44 Volunteer Work 志愿者工作

Lesson 45 What Is the Biggest Challenge?最大的挑战是什么?

Lesson 46 I’ve Managed to Get Good Grades…我已经取得了好成绩……

Lesson 47 My Future Plans 我未来的计划

Lesson 48 Making Dreams Come True! 助梦成真!

Unit 9 Friends and Family 朋友和家人

Lesson 49 What Kind of Person Are You? 你是什么样的人?

Lesson 50 How Did They Change? 他们是如何改变的?

Lesson 51 People’s Best and Worst Qualities 人们最好和最差的品质

Lesson 52 Different Types of Family 不同的家庭类型

Lesson 53 Family Matters and Reunion 家庭事务和家庭团聚

Lesson 54 A Big Family 大家庭

Unit 10 Life Lessons and Mysteries 人生教训和神秘故事

Lesson 55 Mistakes that Led to Big Messes 小错酿成大错

Lesson 56 Past Experiences 过往经验

Lesson 57 Living on a Tight Budget 紧缩预算

Lesson 58 Do You Have Any Guesses? 你有哪些猜想呢?

Lesson 59 Unsolved Mysteries 尚未解开的谜团

Lesson 60 Do I Know You? 我认识你吗?