Spiiker Smart English 7















Unit 1 Different Cities 不同的城市

Lesson 1 Cities of the World 世界上的城市

Lesson 2 What’s the City Like? 这座城市怎么样?

Lesson 3 Perfect Places 完美的地方

Lesson 4 Choose the Best City! 选择最好的城市!

Lesson 5 Life in Sydney 悉尼的生活

Lesson 6 A Tale of Two Cities 双城记

Unit 2 Daily Routines and Habits 日常生活习惯

Lesson 7 What’s Your Best Time of Day?你一天中最美好的时光是什么?

Lesson 8 How Do You Chill Out? 你怎么放松?

Lesson 9 I Need Some Advice. 我需要建议。

Lesson 10 A Good Night’s Sleep优质睡眠

Lesson 11 I Had the Wildest Dream. 我做了一个疯狂的梦。

Lesson 12 To Sleep or Not to Sleep? 睡还是不睡?

Unit 3 Communication 沟通交流

Lesson 13 Types of People You Might Meet 你可能会遇到的人

Lesson 14 Making Small Talk 闲聊

Lesson 15 Party Talk 晚会聊天

Lesson 16 I Overhead… 我无意中听到……

Lesson 17 Tell Me About It! 告诉我!

Lesson 18 Mobile Mania 手机狂躁症

Unit 4 News Events 新闻事件

Lesson 19 Weird News 不可思议的新闻

Lesson 20 Different Types of News 各种各样的新闻

Lesson 21 Broadcast News 新闻报道

Lesson 22 Narratives 新闻叙述

Lesson 23 What Happened? 发生了什么?

Lesson 24 Personal Anecdotes 个人轶事

Unit 5 The Information Age 信息时代

Lesson 25 Internet Trends 网络趋势

Lesson 26 How Do You Feel About the Internet? 你怎样看待网络?

Lesson 27 Writing a Blog Post 写博客

Lesson 28 Future Shock 对未来的冲击

Lesson 29 Health and Technology 健康与技术

Lesson 30 Cyber-begging 网络乞讨

Unit 6 Creativeness and Inventions 创造与发明

Lesson 31 How Creative Are You? 你多有创造力?

Lesson 32 Creativity at Work 工作中的创造力

Lesson 33 The Creative Person 富有创造力的人

Lesson 34 Everyday Objects 日常物件

Lesson 35 Great Ideas 奇妙的想法

Lesson 36 Modern Inventions 现代发明

Unit 7 Generally Speaking 一般而言

Lesson 37 What's Typical? 什么是典型?

Lesson 38 How Are You Different? 你是如何不同的?

Lesson 39 Should We Go with the Flow? 我们应该随大流吗?

Lesson 40 Personal Concerns 个人忧虑

Lesson 41 What Kind of Problem Solver Are You? 你是哪种问题解决者?

Lesson 42 Good Advice 好的建议

Unit 8 Annoyances and Complaining 烦恼与抱怨

Lesson 43 Everyday Annoyances 日常烦恼

Lesson 44 It Really Irks Me! 那真的激怒我了!

Lesson 45 I Hate to Mention This, … 我讨厌谈到这些,……

Lesson 46 Why Don’t They Do Something? 他们为什么不做点什么?

Lesson 47 I Would Like to Return This. 我想退这个。

Lesson 48 Consumer Watchdogs 消费监督

Unit 9 Values 价值观

Lesson 49 What Would You Do? 你会怎么做?

Lesson 50 Finders Keepers 捡到归我

Lesson 51 Ethical Dilemmas 道德困境

Lesson 52 I Wish… 我希望……

Lesson 53 Personal Values 个人价值观

Lesson 54 Honor a Hero. 尊敬英雄。

Unit 10 Moving Around 四处走走

Lesson 55 The Benefits of Studying Abroad出国留学的好处

Lesson 56 Customs and Traditions 风俗与传统

Lesson 57 When in Rome… 在罗马时……

Lesson 58 Travel Tips 旅行小贴士

Lesson 59 Planning a Trip 计划旅行

Lesson 60 Solo Travel 独自旅行